T-Screen is a situational judgment test (SJT) used for screening and selection. It provides an assessment of candidates’ non-academic attributes (e.g., empathy, adaptability) using a range of context-rich classroom scenarios.



We will be launching T-Screen for ITE and School-based selection (early years, primary and secondary levels) in 2022.

We have been conducting research on SJTs for screening and selection of teachers since 2013, with a solid foundation of evidence supporting their use in screening and selecting prospective teachers.

Our research in multiple countries shows that T-Screen is reliable, significantly related to successful preservice teaching, performs similarly in video- and text-based versions, and may reduce gender differences typically found in other selection activities (e.g., Klassen et al., 2020; Bardach et al., 2020).

​​What is T-Screen?

  • An online teacher selection tool.
  • It assesses applicants’ non-academic attributes.
  • It includes 30 context-rich video and text  scenarios.
  • It is delivered via a secure platform.
  • The only selection tool developed with teachers and teacher educators.
  • Applicants can take T-Screen remotely at any time, anywhere in the world.

How can T-Screen help your program?

  • Makes selection easier and more accurate
  • Helps you identify the best applicants before interview
  • Provides real-time unbiased ranking data for all applicants
  • Feedback can be provided to applicants on their performance

You can try a demo T-Screen here.

What attributes does T-Screen assess?

Download our T-Screen brochure here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our research has shown that assessing non-academic attributes such as empathy, resilience, and organisation is a reliable way of screening candidates for teacher selection. Generally, T-Screen assesses candidate’s conscientiousness, communication, emotion management, empathy, judgment, mindset, organisation, and resilience.

Yes, T-Screen can be used alongside other selection processes such as interviews, personal statements, aptitude tests, and more.  T-Screen can be used flexibly to complement existing selection processes either for screening purposes or during selection days to provide an indication of applicants’ situational judgment and non-academic competencies.

TSP also offers a bespoke multiple mini-interview tool, T-Select, which can be used in conjunction with T-Screen to assess non-academic attributes. Find out more about T-Select here.

T-Screen can assist the selection process by assessing applicants’ non-academic attributes in areas that are valuable to a teaching career and contribute to effective teaching.

T-Screen requires limited personnel resources and can be completed remotely by applicants on any electronic device making it a cost-effective way to assess applicants’ non-academic competencies. T-Screen is also positively received by applicants with many applicants reporting that they find it an engaging selection tool that is directly relevant to the teaching profession.

We appreciate that selection decisions are frequently time sensitive, so clients can access applicants’ T-Screen results on the same day. T-Screen provides an overall ‘situational judgment’ score which you can use in combination with existing selection processes to inform selection decisions. Applicants can also access a personalised T-Screen feedback report at a time of your choice, for example, when you notify applicants of overall selection outcomes.

If you are interested in gaining a further insight into applicants’ non-academic competencies, we also offer T-Screen Plus which includes applicants’ responses to open-ended questions in text or video format.

T-Screen can be used for a range of selection purposes including selection for Initial Teacher Education programmes, scholarships and teaching placements, and also employment in schools. We offer several versions of T-Screen for use at various career stages:

  • T-Screen A: Selection for ITE, early years and primary
  • T-Screen B: Selection for ITE, secondary
  • T-Screen C: Selection for beginning teaching, early years and primary
  • T-Screen D: Selection for beginning teaching, secondary
  • T-ScreenPlus: With a mix of open- and closed-ended questions

T-Screen can be used in a range of educational contexts, and we have collaborated with a number of partners internationally to develop and adapt content to ensure it is relevant and suitable for the local educational context. Our research suggests that while some of the desired attributes of teachers may be context-specific, many non-academic competencies, such as empathy, communication, and organisation, are relevant across countries and educational contexts. We work collaboratively and flexibly with partners and local experts to ensure our products target the attributes that are particularly important in their context.

Applicants can take T-Screen remotely at any time, anywhere in the world. To find out more about the ways T-Screen can be used in various educational settings, check out our research page.

An English version of T-Screen is available on an annual license basis. We also offer a consultancy service to adapt T-Screen for use  in different countries and in different languages.   To find out how you can implement T-Screen in your organisation, contact our team at info@teacherselect.org.