T-Insight for Early Years and Primary ITE

Immerse preservice teachers in real-life classroom situations to build classroom readiness and self-efficacy!

During this module preservice teachers will develop a range of attributes identified as important for teaching in the early years and primary classrooms. They will engage with a range of real-life scenarios they are likely to encounter in schools and will receive real-time feedback and suggestions for practice from experienced teachers

Our T-Insight modules for initial teacher education (ITE) are designed to boost confidence and classroom readiness. Participants respond to a range of video- and text-based scenarios focused on early years and primary education, all in a low-risk virtual environment.

We know that professional placements can be challenging so being prepared and understanding what to expect can be invaluable.

This module can be used by ITE providers to assess the classroom readiness of their students so when it is time to enter the classroom, they’re confident, well-prepared and have a bank of strategies they can try out.

What teaching attributes are developed?

  • Emotion Management
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Empathy
  • Communication

What topics are included?

  • Managing Behaviour
  • Adapting Teaching
  • Time Management
  • Working with Colleagues

Once participants complete the module, they will be able to download a comprehensive report as well as a certificate (an excellent artefact for their teaching portfolio).

What is included?

  • Access for one year, any time, anywhere
  • Technical support
  • Four feedback reports (one per session)
  • Updates on session completions
  • Access to a secure platform
  • Seminar guides for host institutions
  • And more!

T-Insight modules are available on a license basis. The total cost is calculated based on the number of users. Please get in touch to discuss your programme needs.



Here is an example scenario:

“Your pupils are sitting on the mat as you are reading them a story. One pupil, Emma, makes a silly comment with the deliberate intention of making the other pupils laugh. While the comment was not rude or offensive, the pupils are now distracted, and are laughing uncontrollably. Emma frequently behaves in this manner. What should you do?

This scenario is designed to develop preservice primary teachers’ ability to manage behaviour. Participants view the scenario, then decide on the appropriateness of three possible responses, provide a rationale for each, and receive feedback from experienced teachers. The detailed feedback includes a rationale for why each response is appropriate or inappropriate, and also details alternative behaviour management strategies that could be employed.

Frequently Asked Questions

T-Insight modules can be used at many career stages to support the continuous professional development of teachers. Organisations can decide where and when each module would be of greatest value. We currently offer four distinct modules that are designed for use by:

• Early Years and Primary, Initial Teacher Education
• Secondary, Initial Teacher Education
• Early Years and Primary, Beginning or Early Career Teachers
• Secondary, Beginning or Early Career Teachers

T-Insight can help to prepare preservice teachers for entering the classroom and support early career teachers in consolidating their knowledge and building reflective practice. It is cost-effective and research-proven to increase teaching confidence and reflective practice. T-Insight can also identify participants who may need additional support. Modules can be completed at any time, anywhere in the world and have been tested on over 6000 participants in the UK and Australia.

Modules focus on topics such as managing behaviour and working effectively with colleagues, which are highly relevant for all teachers. They also include the most relevant topics for a particular career stage such as time management and working with parents, for preservice teachers, and assessment & reporting and creativity & innovation in teaching, for beginning (or early career) teachers.

Modules develop non-academic competencies that are relevant for all teachers such as empathy & communication, resilience & adaptability and emotion management. The focus may vary across modules depending on the mix of scenarios presented.

All of the classroom scenarios included in our products are developed through close partnerships with experienced teachers and educators working in the profession. The scenarios depict classroom situations that teachers have experienced or observed during their careers. As the scenarios are based on real classroom events, participants have the opportunity to critically reflect on how they might respond to a range of challenging situations they may encounter in their own classrooms in a low-risk and supportive environment. Scenarios are designed to be realistic, depicting situations that may happen within a classroom and providing responses that a person may reasonably be expected to do.

Hosting seminars in conjunction with the T-Insight modules is completely optional and depends on your requirements and preferences. However, guided group discussions can be a great way to encourage your students and/or staff to discuss the classroom scenarios and related educational concepts and issues in more depth. We offer resources and seminar guides that you can use to facilitate seminars following each T-Insight session that are designed to a) stimulate discussion amongst participants, b) enable participants to share multiple perspectives of teaching & learning, and c) further build participants’ teaching confidence and classroom readiness.

No. T-Insight modules for ITE  complement teaching placements, rather than replace them. When teaching placements do need to be delayed however, virtual, low-risk engagement with T-Insight modules help keep preservice teachers ‘on track’ so when they can begin their placements, they feel ready to do so.

As part of the license fee, regular completion updates are provided to host organisations.

T-Insight modules are available on a license basis. The total cost is calculated based on the number of users. Please get in touch with us to discuss your programme needs.