Scenario-based professional learning modules for preservice and beginning teachers

T-Insight modules are built on a ‘scenario-based learning’ (SBL) approach. Modules develop key attributes such as empathy, organisation, resilience and adaptability; consolidate teacher knowledge and promote reflective practice. Over four sessions, teachers engage with realistic text and video classroom scenarios and receive real-time, tailored feedback written by experienced colleagues. Sessions are organised by topics such as classroom management, adapting teaching and working with colleagues. Four personalised  feedback reports and a certificate of completion are included. We currently offer four modules with more on the way!

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What T-Insight modules do we offer?

Your pupils are sitting on the mat as you are reading them a story. One pupil, Emma, makes a silly comment with the deliberate intention of making the other pupils laugh. While the comment was not rude or offensive, the pupils are now distracted, and are laughing uncontrollably. Emma frequently behaves in this manner. What should you do?

You are working with Claudine, a pupil who is struggling even though she is working very hard. You have tried a number of different approaches, taken advice from your colleagues and have done online research to find new strategies. However, Claudine continues to struggle. One day, she turns to you and asks, ‘Why is this so hard for me?’ What should you do?

You are teaching a lesson with a year 9 class in a subject you are very familiar with. One student, Nicholas, is continuously asking questions. Nicholas is very able and you believe he is questioning you because he genuinely wants to learn. The rest of the class are becoming restless. What should you do?

You are in your third term of teaching and have been working very long hours to cope with your workload. You have been experiencing high levels of fatigue. Tomorrow, you have another lesson observation. Even though you are feeling exhausted, you plan to stay up until the early hours of the morning to plan a fantastic lesson which will be observed by your Headteacher. What should you do?


TSP (The Teacher Selection Project) has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the Horizon 2020 programme (Consolidator grant SELECTION no. 647234 and Proof of Concept grant EduSelect no. 862272)