What We Offer

We offer a range of research-based recruitment, selection, and development products. All of our products have been developed, evaluated, and thoroughly tested in a range of educational and geographical contexts in collaboration with teachers and teacher educators across the globe. Our comprehensive approach ensures that our teacher recruitment, selection, and development tools are grounded in research and connected to practice, making them fair, reliable, and accurate. We offer our products on a license basis or via bespoke consultancy services depending on your organisation’s needs.

It can be challenging to identify applicants who exhibit a mix of academic and personal characteristics required to be effective in the classroom. T-Screen is a situational judgment test (SJT) used for screening and selection which can assist the selection process by assessing applicants’ non-academic attributes in areas that are valuable to a teaching career and contribute to effective teaching. By gauging candidates’ responses to a range of context-rich, video- and text-based classroom scenarios, T-Screen helps to highlight candidates who will thrive in your organisation’s teacher education programme.

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T-Insight professional learning modules use a scenario-based learning (SBL) approach. They provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on challenging classroom situations in a virtual environment, whilst receiving instant and tailored feedback and suggested strategies for practice from experienced colleagues. Our T-Insight modules are widely-tested, highly reviewed, and can be used in multiple educational contexts. Modules have been designed for use in initial teacher education and for early career teachers. Each of the four-session modules encourage participants to consider the impact of their chosen responses before finding out what experience teachers would do in such situations.

We also offer a consultancy service to develop bespoke versions for specific educational and geographical contexts, please get in touch for more details.

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T-Select uses structured and systematic multiple mini-interviews (MMIs) to assess a range of candidates’ capabilities and competencies. Stations are designed to probe candidates’ values and ability to think critically and flexibly. Stations are assessed using standardized criteria to ensure fairness and reliability. We provide a bespoke consultancy service to help design MMIs to assess your programme’s core attributes and values; please get in touch for more details.

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Current methods of teacher recruitment used by educational authorities can be effective, but teacher shortages persist in many contexts. T-Attract uses a ‘competency-based’ intervention to highlight the fit between the applicant and the teaching profession.

T-Attract interventions use realistic job previews (RJPs) to show how specific attributes (e.g., compassion) are identified as being critically important for effective practice, and encourage participants to reflect on how their abilities and values line up with these attributes. 

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