Solutions for School Networks

We understand the needs of school networks.

Our T-Insight professional learning courses use realistic classroom scenarios to build the confidence and classroom readiness of primary and secondary trainees and early career teachers by focusing on core topics such as managing behaviour.

TSP can help provide a data snapshot of your applicants (with our T-Screen SJT) to streamline the selection process.

Improve teacher skills, confidence and retention


Our T-Insight courses provide pre-service and early career teachers with the opportunity to reflect on realistic challenging classroom situations in an online environment. Building novice teachers’ confidence and competence has been shown to improve retention. Our tools make on-going training and development cost-effective, scalable, and available on-demand.

We currently offer four courses (two for pre-service teachers and two for beginning teachers) that develop a range of teaching competencies such as empathy, resilience and communication. Modules focus on topics such as adaptive teaching, working with parents and assessment and reporting. All of our courses are developed with experienced teachers to accurately reflect the realities of the classroom.

Coming Soon
Advanced Behaviour Management
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Screen and select effective teachers


T-Screen, a situational judgment test, can be used for screening and selection. Tests are level-specific (early years / primary and secondary) and real-time scores are provided.

T-Screen is cost-effective, scalable and available on demand.