Research-led approaches to build a strong teacher workforce

At the Teacher Selection Project we work with partners around the world to develop leading-edge methods to recruit, select, and develop prospective teachers. Our research is published in peer-reviewed journals, working papers, and presented at academic conferences.

EduSelect is the implementation arm of our work. Within EduSelect we work with teacher education providers and government ministries to implement our research-based tools.

SJTs are used for screening and selection. They provide an assessment of candidates’ non-academic attributes (e.g., empathy, adaptability) using context-rich classroom scenarios. We have been conducting research on SJTs since 2013, with a solid foundation of evidence supporting their use in screening and selecting prospective teachers.

You can try a demo SJT here

MMIs use structured and systematic individual interviews to assess the personal characteristics of prospective teachers. Used widely for selection into medical education, MMIs consist of multiple, independent stations that target a range of non-academic attributes. We use a research-informed approach to develop and test bespoke MMIs for teacher education programmes.

We have developed an online ‘scenario-based learning’ (SBL) approach to provide preservice teachers with the opportunity to engage with realistic classroom scenarios and to reflect on real-time feedback provided by experienced teachers. Our SBL approach provides a low-risk exposure to classroom experiences that can be delivered remotely via personal device and/or used as the stimulus in guided seminars.

You can try a demo SBL here

In this strand of work we are developing a new online approach to attract and recruit teachers into the profession. Using a ‘person-vocation fit’ approach, we are conducting research on a new ‘attribute-based’ recruitment strategy that uses ‘realistic job previews’ to identify high-quality teaching candidates and to encourage their consideration of a teaching career.


The Teacher Selection Project and EduSelect have received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the Horizon 2020 programme (Consolidator grant SELECTION no. 647234 and Proof of Concept grant EduSelect no. 862272)