Innovative solutions for identifying and developing successful teachers 

TSP is a leading provider of research-based recruitment and development tools. Our school-based simulations help you identify and develop effective teachers, mentors, and school leaders.

TSP’s solutions have been implemented across the globe with over 120,000 educators across all career stages.

Our Products, Research & Services

T-Screen helps identify the most suitable teacher applicants effectively and efficiently. We use a research-grounded situational judgment test (SJT) methodology that gives you reliable data on applicants’ skills and attributes needed for success as a teacher.

T-Insight builds the competence and confidence of novice teachers (early years, primary, secondary) using a ‘scenario-based learning’ (SBL) methodology. T-Insight also gives you a ‘developmental profile’ of pre-service and early career teachers.

Create solutions tailored to your organisation

We work with partners around the globe to grow effective teacher recruitment and development practices. Building on a strong research-based and collaborative approach, we work alongside your organisation to tailor our core technologies to your specific needs, values, location, and context.


TSP has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the Horizon 2020 programme (Consolidator grant SELECTION no. 647234 and Proof of Concept grant EduSelect no. 862272)