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We have conducted research with over 100,000 teacher education students around the globe (in UK, Europe, Africa, and Australia) and more recently in the area of emerging school leadership. Our research on teacher and school leader development and teacher recruitment is currently taking place in the UK, Morocco, Kenya and Australia. The foundation of high-quality research and our strong links to teachers and teacher education puts us in a unique position to address key needs in the field.

Research and development process



Our recruitment, selection and development tools are characterised by high-quality research, a context-rich approach, and strong links to practitioners. New methods and tools are developed through close collaboration with teachers and teacher educators in a range of settings. We test our prototypes in multiple contexts, and revise our tools in an iterative cycle to ensure optimal reliability, validity, and fairness.

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Our Recent Research Publications

TSP is a world-leader in research on teacher selection, and we have conducted research on teacher recruitment and development in recent years. Our tools have a comprehensive research basis and are widely tested across various global educational contexts. Our research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals, and our director has even co-authored a book on evidence-based teacher selection practices. Below you can browse our research snapshots, which you can click on to view the full articles. You can also keep up to date with our research on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Book: Teacher Selection: Evidence-Based Practices


Teacher Selection: Evidence-Based Practices by Robert M. Klassen and Lisa E. Kim (2021)

In this exciting new book, Professor Robert Klassen (TSP Director) and Dr Lisa Kim (who has previously worked with TSP as a postdoctoral research fellow) lay out possible ways in which improving teacher selection using research- and theory-based approaches can be a quick and effective way of improving practice. Klassen and Kim’s work is thoroughly researched, theoretically informed, and practically applied with case studies and evidence for effectiveness. With chapters on important teacher attributes, contemporary selection practices, the future of teacher selection, and more, this book is an excellent resource for teacher selection.

“Given its scope, the book represents an essential reference guide for scholars, educational leaders and policymakers, and graduate students in educational leadership programs, as well as professionals in child and school psychology, educational psychology, teaching and teacher education.” – Springer

Research into situational judgment tests (SJTs) used for teacher selection:



Research into scenario-based learning (SBL) activities used for teacher development:



Research into important teacher characteristics for teacher selection:



Research into realistic job previews (RJPs) and other teacher recruitment methods:



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